Hi! We are Savannah and Elizabeth, welcome to our blog!
So heres our story, we’re best friends and college seniors living in Atlanta, Georgia. We met in middle school and have been inseparable ever since. We have always been intrigued with fashion, design, photography and art, and always felt a desire to create. In middle school, our time hanging out together was spent filming and editing little movies, snapping impromptu photoshoots, or creating collages out of fashion magazine cut outs. We loved it.
As we got older, technology progressed and social media grew without bounds. Sites like Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram allowed us to discover images and art like never before. In high school, these platforms were essentially just an online inspiration board to document anything that inspired us. Through the years, our ability to harness our inspiration and express our ideas evolved.
During our freshman year of college (we were roommates), we would stay up in our dorm late at night creating inspiration boards on Pinterest and Tumblr.  After spending so much time together, we discovered that our creative abilities and inspiration thrived off one another. It was at that point we knew we wanted to be entrepreneurs within the fashion industry, we just weren’t sure which direction we wanted to go.
At the beginning of our junior year of college we opened an Etsy shop where we sold vintage, distressed, bleached t-shirts from local consignment shops. This was our first, humble step towards building a brand. This endeavor opened up many doors and really helped us understand what it is we want to do. We want to inspire, create, design, and build a online community for fashion forward individuals who savor the little things in life and find beauty in their surroundings. We created Gilded Peaches as a platform to document our experiences as best friends, share our thoughts and ideas, and ultimately build a relationship with anyone who is inspired by our work.
On our blog you will get a look in to the minds of two best friends as we share outfit looks, wish lists, fashion inspiration, travel diaries and our hand made items with you!
Savannah and Elizabeth




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